Plant Kingdom Charts & Cards

Includes the following charts and cards for the plant kingdom: anthocerotophyta, bryophyta, marchantiophyta, sphenophyta, filicinophyta, lycopodiophyta, cycadophyta, ginkgophyta, coniferophyta, monocotyledon, and dicotyledon (cards also included for: bryophytes, tracheophytes, pteridophytes, spermatophytes, gymnospermophyta, and angiospermophyta).

  • 1 photographic color chart (labeled)
  • 1 black & white clip art chart (labeled)
  • 1 labeled chart
  • 1 blank chart
  • 17 photographic cards
  • 17 black & white clip art cards

All charts are in 3 different formats: scientific names, common names, scientific and common names.

Cards with labels are approx. 3½" x 3¼", cards without labels are approx. 1" shorter. Charts print on letter size paper (8½" x 11").

This file is in PDF format.

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