Phonics Sound & Picture Sorting

Use this work to teach phonetic sounds and letter symbols.

This material includes:

  • 8 work charts
  • 72 picture cards
  • 8 control charts
  • master word list
  • instructions

Picture cards are approx. 2" x 3".

The letters Q and X are not included in this material. Why?

In the English language the letter Q is almost always followed by the letter U; quilt, quit, queen. It is considered a phonogram (2 letters together that make 1 sound).

The letter X is pronounced k-s, it is 2 single phonetic sounds put together. If the X is at the beginning of a word, it makes the zzz sound (as in xylophone) or a sound like "eggs" (as in Xavier). But if it is at the end of a word, it makes the -cks sound. In the word 'Xerox' it makes both the 'z' sound and the 'cks' sound. It's a complicated concept for young children who are just learning the single phonetic sounds, so it is not included in this material. 

Work charts and control charts are 8½" x 11", picture cards are approx. 2" x 3".

This file is in PDF format.

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