Monkeys and Apes - Safari TOOB Cards

These photographic images compliment the "Monkeys and Apes" Safari TOOB. The images are of those figures included in the TOOB set.

The file includes cards in single card format (pictures with labels) and a 3-part card format (pictures with labels, pictures without labels, and labels) for each. Two styles of cards are included.


  • lemur
  • gorilla
  • golden lion tamarin
  • spider monkey
  • capuchin
  • orangutan
  • squirrel monkey
  • baboon chimpanzee
  • red tail monkey
  • mandrill 
  • woolly monkey

Cards with label are approx. 3¾" x 4½", cards without label are approx. ¾" shorter.

This file is in PDF format.

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