Constructive Triangles Bundle

This bundle includes printable color triangles, black & white triangle outlines, and control cards for the 6 Constructive Triangle Boxes (in color & outlines), as well as design cards for the Blue Design Box. The cost of these individual files is $13.00 - save $5.00 by purchasing this bundle.


  1. Rectangular Box A
  2. Rectangular Box B
  3. Triangular box
  4. Large Hexagonal Box
  5. Small Hexagonal Box
  6. Blue Design Box
  7. 20 design cards for the Blue Design Box
  8. control cards for each shape

Save printer ink and print the black & white triangle outlines on color cardstock. Boxes not included.

To view the contents of each material please visit our Sensorial section.

All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file that you will have to 'unzip' before using the individual pdf's.

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