The World

Biomes of the World

Identify, sort, and classify beautiful photographic cards of the animals, plants, and geographical locations for 9 biomes. Check the classification using the control chart. This material includes the following biomes:

  1. desert
  2. freshwater
  3. grassland
  4. marine
  5. savanna
  6. taiga
  7. temperate forest
  8. tropical rainforest
  9. tundra

Each of the nine biomes include:

  • biome label
  • biome summary card
  • 3 labeled biome photo cards
  • plant summary card
  • 3 labeled plant photo cards
  • animal summary card
  • 3 labeled animal photo cards

Also includes:

  • a control chart
  • a biome world map with key

Cards are approx. 3½" x 3¼".

This file is in PDF format.

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