Grammar Box #6 - Adverbs

In Montessori, the function and position of words in sentences are studied and analyzed. Box 6 is the study of the adverb.

Included are the printable cards for Grammar Box 6, 4 Filling Boxes, and 1 Command Box. Also includes a template (mat) of the wooden box that you can use to place the cards on. It will help to keep the lesson organized if you do not have the wooden boxes. 


1.   Adverbs: manner - 6 Sentence Strips & Word Cards

2.   Adverbs: place & time - 6 Sentence Strips & Word Cards

3.   Adverbs: quantity & comparison - 5 Sentence Strips & Word Cards

4.   Adverbs: comparison & correlative - 5 Sentence Strips & Word Cards

16 Command Cards & color word cards to accompany them

Sizing: word cards - 3.5cm x 5cm, command cards - 10cm x 10cm

File is in PDF format.

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